Saturday, January 01, 2011

Now a bit further south

Safe and sound outside of Laguna Atascosa. Eating our delicious dinner. 20 lifers away from 500.

Today highlights included Olive Sparrow, Rufous-backed Robin, Great Kiskadee, black-necked stilt, green jay, and lots of other sweet birds.

We finally got our act together and got some good photos which is a relief, including Long-billed Thrasher, Long-billed Curlew, and Eastern Meadowlark (subspecies under debate).

We started our year off with 102 year birds. Not too shabby at all! We still need to figure out how many birds we ended up with in 2010 overall (nh lists are all accounted for).

Tomorrow we are headed back to Laguna Atascosa before heading a bit further west along the rio grande.


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