Friday, December 31, 2010

Whooping cranes etc

So we arrived in Rockport safe and sound but discovered no cell service at the campground. And since I primarily drove from our stop outside of Austin on down, I was unable to blog en route.

Today we celebrated New Years eve in the presence of Whooping Cranes... I got a great shot on my slr but then realized my camera settings were messed up so it was shot at 4.5 megapixels. Grrrrr!!!! Hopefully it will still be OK though...

Posted here is my phone-bin'ed shot from the boat. I got a handful of lifers including long-billed Curlew, American Avocet, Neotropic Cormorant, and Least Grebe.

Now we're off to get some food supplies and cook some soup for dinner. Then its off to bed before another full day. Tomorrow night we'll be at south padre island. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to update from somewhere along the way.


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