Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Desert Ecology


I'm Baaaaackkkk.....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Last Blog Before AZ

I leave tomorrow. Thats it. Wow. Just a few more hours.

I made it back to school safely, dealt with a few computer problems, unpacked my small bag and left my bags for the Desert aside. It is so weird knowing that tomorrow I leave and will be away from my "other family" for a month.

I've missed these girls for 2 and a half weeks and now add at least 3 more on to the tally. It almost hurts more to see them knowing that I will be missing them again in just a few hours.

So here's how the trip is shaping up:

Itinerary for Students and Parents Desert Ecology 2006

T Jan 3- Meet 7:30 pm Kline 102 for weigh in
W Jan 4- Lv 10am- Travel to Gallup NM
R Jan 5- Arrive 6pm- Gallup NM
F Jan 6th- Breakfast at Waffle House, travel to Petrified Forest, AZ, then to Grand Canyon Group Campground, South Rim.
S Jan 7th- Grand Canyon – to Anza Borrego Park, Borrego Springs, CA
S Jan 8- Sabbath and Exploration
M Jan 9- Anza Borrego, Seasonal Precipitation Desert- Visitors Center, Palm Springs Trail
T Jan 10- Anza Borrego- Slot Canyons and Badlands
W Jan 11- Anza Borrego- Field Projects
R Jan 12- Anza Borrego- Field Projects
F Jan 13- Anza Borrego- Day in Joshua Tree National Park
S Jan 14- Anza Borrego- Day at Sonny Bono Wildlife Refuge and Salton Sea, Birding
S Jan 15- Anza Borrego- Sabbath- church in Julian
M Jan 16- to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
T Jan 17- Organ Pipe- Bull Pen Trail Ferns and Saguaros in Desert with Even Precip
W Jan 18- to Patagonia, stop at Desert Museum, Tucson
R Jan 19- Patagonia State Park (AZ), Birding on Lagoon in AM, Observations PM
F Jan 20- Patagonia State Park- Madera Canyon and Sky Islands,
S Jan 21- Sonita Preserve then to Corpus Christi, Goose Island State Park
Sun Jan 22- Goose Island State Park, Sabbath (rest, beach)
M Jan 23- leave for home, 10 am
T Jan 24- Arrive Messiah College 3pm

Yikes. Anyway, here goes. I love you all - see you on the 24th!