Monday, December 13, 2010

CBC season almost here

Tomorrow starts the CBC season... and in many ways the CBCs have really rekindled my Christmas spirit. As a kid Christmas was always an exciting time of the year ... but as I got older I lost much of the Holiday Cheer... and tried a variety of things to "experience" Christmas and the joy that is supposed to be associated with it.

Now I'm a bit of a Holiday fanatic enjoying all kinds of Chrismukkah celebrations but the one thing that really is the highlight of the season for me are the CBC's (or Christmas Bird Counts). Its an all out effort to count everything that you can see in one day; where every robin and starling matter. The compilation sessions are always fun and each count has it's own personality much like each house/family I visit for a Christmas dinner has it's own traditions and personality.

My first CBC isn't til Saturday, but as of Wednesday "count week" birds begin to matter for the Coastal CBC.... and before you know it I'll be up in the most northerly NH CBCs on Tuesday and Wednesday before trekking down to PA for some homemade pumpkin pie....well we might not have pumpkin pie but Christmas songs suggest that we should...

CBCs have made the holidays an even better time o the year... and I can't wait for my first bird of the count on Saturday morning... guaranteed it will be more exciting than opening socks on Christmas day.... (unless they are smartwool socks... in which case it depends on the bird).

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