Saturday, January 08, 2011

Last day in the Valley

Yesterday was the last day in the valley so we spent the morning in Bentsen trying to get photos of the black-vented oriole and we were sucessful! Then we picked up Gray Flycatcher but struck out on Hook-billed Kite.

From there we traveled down to Brownsville and searched Sabal Palm but really didn't have much. A stop at the brownsville landfill provided our long searched for Raven and Aplomado Falcon.

We ended the bird-day by getting good looks at Cassin's Sparrow, Ferruginous Hawk, and Aplomado Falcon.

Then we drove up to Houston, which is where we are this fine morning. 60 degrees today... And it'll only be downhill from here :-( goodbye shorts weather... Hello long pants and soon hello sweatshirts and mittens.

Now its off to search for Brown-headed nuthatch and certain woodpecker that seems to have alluded me to this point...

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