Sunday, January 02, 2011

Estero llano and more

This morning we woke up and hit Laguna one more time (above) and got some pictures of Green Jay, Great Kiskadee, and White-tipped Dove before heading around the bay loop to see our first few life birds of the day including Tropical Kingbird (and California Gull + Greater Roadrunner for Jason).

Then we headed down to Estero llano to see a bunch of birds including: whistling ducks (both species), buff-bellied hummingbird, cinnamon teal, and my 500th life bird: White-throated Thrush.

We ended the night in McAllen looking at a gigantic roost of Green Parakeet and Bronzed Cowbird; jason's 400th life bird!

Tonight we have a comfy BED!!! Thanks to Ben's mom!!!

Tomorrow its off to Bentson for some more good birds!


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