Wednesday, March 06, 2013

It's about time

OK so a while back *coughoverayearcough* I said that there were some exciting changes coming to my blog soon.  And I was sort of right.  At least, I was right (I hope) about the exciting changes... not the soon.  After posting that update, I decided to finally finish my Master's... and let's just say that took a lot of time and energy.  Then with a new job underway I decided to focus on work.  Now, life is a little more settled.  So, I'm back.  But not alone!  I'd like to welcome my best birding buddy, best friend, and fiance, Ben Griffith to my blog.  

Ben and his pelican friend

From now on, you won't just be hearing from me, but Ben as well!  No, this isn't simply my way of giving Ben an avenue to share his insane birding thoughts with someone other than me.  Although, it certainly doesn't hurt...

Ben is a long time birder and is honestly much more knowledgeable than me about birds... as I once said, when it comes to birds, he is the brains, I'm the personality and insanity.

Now engaged in real life and the blogger world...

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