Sunday, February 05, 2006

Stalker Link and Facebook

So while showering today I began to think (you know we all do our best thinking in the shower). And I thought and thought and suddenly it hit me - Stalker Link. Stalker link is less stalkerish than facebook and we all hate it. We hide personal information and our pictures and majors and box numbers and extentions because "people don't have the right to know that" and "I don't want weird people looking me up."

Riiiiighhht because the same people who hide information on IrisLink/Stalker Link don't freely put it on facebook.

(Left: Stalker Link, Right: Facebook)

Why the double standard? Simply because you entered it? Wasted ten hours putting it there and clicking add to friends?

Oi I understand this not! Why can't we have one system for email. One system for messenging. One system for lazy friend making. One system for announcing events. And above all WHY CAN'T WE HAVE ONE SYSTEM FOR STALKING PEOPLE?

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