Monday, February 06, 2006

Ice Tea

Despite the South's constant attempt to rid the world of Unsweetened No Lemon Ice Tea in drink and mix form I have discovered that it is possible to make "Just Plain Ice Tea" from scratch. I know - scary concept - but it is okay - you'll survive.

Some key things to note on making "JP Ice Tea":

1. Make sure to use a tea bag of a tea you actually enjoy.

2. You must make hot tea - you cannot just put tea bags in cool or room temperature water - heat the water than add tea bags (See picture) Hot water takes less time and provides better taste even though it does take longer to cool.

(Left: 2 tea bags in hot water seeping for 10 minutes Right: 3 tea bags seeping for 24 hours)

3. When Refridgerating make sure it is not too cold to freeze.

4. You must also remember that you made the Ice Tea and Drink it!

Yes, I know, I'm always so helpful!!!

Have a Spec-ama-tacular Day!

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Anonymous said...

amazing - but who was that guy you were talking to last night?