Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here's to being broke

I hate cops. I hate speed limits.

The one time I'm actually going fast for a reason I get pulled over -- there's justice for you.

166 buckaroos - great... I have about half of that in my wallet. Spec-ama-tacular.
Mind you the fine was 75 - but the fee's more than fucking double it... so the cops can fucking pocket half the money. Bullshit.

The legal system really is bullshit - but more on that in a future post.... here's to being broke:

Looks like the only place I'm eating at is those I have gift cards to aka - LOTTIE.

Need Tampons? oh well - you're broke - be glad you just got over it.

Coffee? Maybe if you use flex...

Books for class? maybe next semester

paper for printing? well you have enough for maybe a week...

paycheck? not coming for another 2 weeks and then will have to be used to pay off my debt

maybe i an sell my liver?

Laundry? HAH all the quarters have been turned into dollars.... maybe if i rub old dryer sheets on them it will cover up the smell...

Loan? yeah right - i'll never make the money back

here's to being broke.

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Anonymous said...

i still cant believe you got a ticket