Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Snowflake of Life

Snow crystals dancing in the wind;
Hard darkness broken by a whisper floating.
A fresh breath fighting the inevitable end:
Dreams they hold; treasured within a ridged coating.

Glistening and falling gently shattered upon the ground,
Painstakingly breaking themselves until they are no more;
Molding, changing until one solid cover is found.
To ourselves; dreamers, believers, rich in what the world is poor,

Broken on the ground of that which is well known.
Self lost for the sake of belonging as one soul.
Suffocating the foundation; an unbearable stone:
No choice of existence but shattered or whole.

Trapped in the darkness,
Dancing against the breaking wind;
The never ending biting whisper.
Beautiful crystals lay broken forevermore.

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