Friday, December 02, 2005

Grow Up Already

13 Months later here we are, though the team has changed, one thing hasn't - the ball controversy.

Yesterday, the Red Sox filed a lawsuit against Mienty saying the ball belongs to them.

The entire thing is stupid. The ball isn't the property of the Red Sox, Mienty, or anyone else. It is a ball. Two pieces of leather and a bunch of string. Thats it. So what if the ball is on display in some cellar of Fenway you and I will never see or in Mienty's house?

The ball really belongs in Cooperstown so fans can see it. The Red Sox and Mienty forget this is all about the fans. Its not about their million dollar contracts and rights but its about the beauty of baseball and what that game meant to fans. But thats an argument that doesn't even come into play here, because neither side is giving in.

I really don't care who ends up with the ball. In the end does it matter? No. What does matter, however, is the fact that at 11:40 on October, 27th 2004 Edgar Renteria grounded out to the Foulke - Mienty combination.
Perhaps the Red Sox should stop focusing on this ball and focus more on the off season to prepare for next season's run. I'd rather see them hoisting the trophey again than with a lousy ball.

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