Monday, December 12, 2005

i <3 Music

I love music yes I do
I love music how 'bout you?

Music is my favorite thing in the world. Seriously it is. It dominates my life. Some people think I have a soundtrack to my life because I'm always singing and babbling and listening to tunes. If I sing its usually off beat, if I babble the words are sometimes wrong, and if I listen it is usually to something very few people have heard.

In reality that is my life though. I'm a little off beat always. I'm always a note behind or a step ahead. The lyrics sometimes go right, sometimes wrong. They are sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but always going. Everything is a path someone else has sort of traveled down. Yet its unique.

The vocals are powerful; the beat is always folk-alternative rock. (Yes they do go together.) Its something you can always just kind of stretch your neck and belt out.

My life reminds me of a break up song. It’s a little bit of reminiscence, a little bit of melancholy, a little happiness in the end.

10 Artists You Need To Check Out:
(please leave a comment with any YOU think I should know)

1. Chad Barraford: and - great keyboard and vocals

2. Chad Perrone: - his vocals are WOW + his music is amazing

3. James Blunt - - okay now that "you're beautiful" has taken over airways i dont feel so creative in this... but check out his OTHER songs... I've been a fan for a while now... and WOW

4. Yellowcard - and - somewhat popular band - always worth it though

5. Nickel Creek - or great folkish stuff... check out the tune "Jealous of the Moon" and "When You Come Back Down"

6. Nine Days - and - perhaps one of my favorite bands ever

7. Dashboard Confessional - - if you don't know them I don't know what to say... but I had to put them on here.

8. Travis - - just great great great music. I don't know how to start with them. They are Scottish (i think) or maybe brittish and just flat out are amazing.

9. John Gregory - - you might recognize his tune "Ride of Your Life" - this might be my all time favorite song for its emotionally charging lyrics and the way it always makes me think. Definently a guy you should know.

10. The Starting Line - and - much like yellowcard in that they are popular and not all at the same time... very similar fan base... but I <3 them with "the best of me"


Anonymous said...

Joshua Armstrong - check out "slip away" - amazing tune. gl on finals.

Chad said...

Hey Lowie,
I found your blog through my website (, I know all that sounds odd, but its a long story). I can see you listed me as an "artist you need to check out". Thanks so much for your support, I really appreciate it. :)

-Chad Barraford