Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quiz Bird #5

Photo by: Lauren K.

So to make this more of a challenge I've disabled automatic posting of comments so you can't peek a look at what others are saying (although you'll probably tell each other on chirptracker anyway!). You can comment and I'll eventually publish your comment, or email your answer to: lowiequizbird@gmail.com


dAwN said...

I am wishing I could click on the photo to make it bigger..
I wish I could do this in the field too ..here birdie birdie let me click so you come closer.closer..stop ..stay still and dont move..until I check the book and figure out what you are!

I will guess.......

dAwN said...

Jeff and I see
1.Dark crown
2.White eye ring
3. pink or orange bill
4. unstreaked grayish breast
5. slim tail
6. wing bar
7. whitish belly
8. buff side of face

Field Sparrow