Friday, May 01, 2009

So apparently I haven't updated in a month...

So here you go!

In the past month I've done 2 main things
1. Research
2. Birding

In the UNH research world I've moved forward on my research proposal and have officially gotten myself a committee!  We even had our first official committee meeting! This is good because it puts me on track to get started in the field ASAP. 

In the birding world I've moved my year-list up to 190 in NH and 200+ overall.  Its been a lot of fun.  April has been an interesting month as it has been dry but warm.  A lot of the warblers seem to be moving in much sooner than expected.  In fact, I've tied in setting an April Warbler record of 21 species and 17 species in one day!!!

Also, I've moved my life list up to 397 with the addition of birds like Sora, Great Gray Owl, and Yellow-breasted Chat.

Finally, I've seen and heard lots of herps and mammals including this very cute fox:

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