Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Vacation" or 1000+ mile road trip

So I'm 903 miles, and 8 days of my 1460 mile, 9 day road trip.  A few hundred miles remain as this evening I'll be trecking back north for a stop in Simpson, PA only to leave again tomorrow morning for Dover, NH.

I've seen almost 100 people I've known for years and met another 50 or so "new friends".  I've given 2 talks, led icebreakers, introduced speakers, gone to bonfires, soccer games, and classes I'm not registerd for in a school I don't attend.  I've eaten omlets with the Newman Club, made people laugh, dug holes, planted plants, eaten at the union, falcon, and am on my way to lottie. 

I've seen the creek, I've birdwatched, I've cuddled with friends.  I've had beer with MC alumni, used the alumni bathroom, and visited K.P.'s house.  I've laughed, I've been worked up to tears, and I've slept (though not enough).  I've slept on beds, floors, and couches.  I've eaten out, eaten in, and eaten leftovers.  I've seen the Red Sox lose to the point of a 3-1 Tampa lead, and I've seen the Red Sox come back from a 7 run deficit in the 7th to win 8-7 in what may just be the greatest game ever, and soon I'll see a game 7.   

The floor of my car is "slowly" filling up with trash from coffee cups, maps, and directions.  My clothes are once again dirty and in need of a wash.  

I took pictures, I took video, and more importantly I took memories, lessons, and encouragement.  

Messiah isn't a life left behind but a life within that will be with me and each of my gatherings with alumns over the rest of my years.
So here's to roadtrips, friends, memories, reliving the past as part of the future, and never leaving anyone left behind.


Amanda said...

1. awesome roadtrip!
2. sad to have missed renewal
3. you are so on my blog list - look to the left panel of my blog ;)

Tina Beth said...

wow, this sounds like an amazing road trip... and i so wish i could have been there to catch up and hang out with everyone.
and yes, i'm sure jonathan will eventually find some other random disease that will require "voluntary" subjects for testing ;)

Anna said...

i like that thought: not a life left behind but a life within.

p.s. i miss you

- frodigh