Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nashville Warbler!!!

Yup I went birding again..... and this is the photo I got!!!

Great day on the seacoast: 
Bufflehead*^ (both off Dover point rd and at Eel Pond) 
Red-throated Loons*^ (plenty... at least 10 in small groups that appeared to be migrating) 
Red-breasted Mergansers  
Hermit thrush - a common bird but a great look 
Bonaparte's Gull* 
Surf Scoter* - plenty including one real close to shore off odiorne - real fun look at a male 
White-winged Scoter*^ - plenty 
Lesser Black-backed Gull* 
Red-eyed Vireo*  
* - life bird for Jessie
^ - life bird for me

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