Sunday, July 13, 2008

It Feels Like Home

So I already like all the new people a lot here for SSII and it makes me sad that I'll have to leave early. Perhaps they will start irritating me soon though. What makes me happier than all sorts of new faces and potential fun people are seeing the 3 new Messiah'ites who I've missed since leaving: Lindsey, Katrina, and Adam... not to mention the most exciting face of all my friend Jon who was here last May and took Woody Plants with me.

Jon and I have a "life long" mini-golf/putt-putt challenge underway tied at 1 game a piece (the first of which he won by 2 strokes, the second I won by 2 strokes). The moment he and I met last year we knew we'd get along (no not as anything more than friends).

So even though its sad to have to move on and say good-bye to good experiences, good botanists, and good friends. Its great to be able to say hi to one session closer to the next step, one session with a handful of people who I want one more go with.
I feel ready to go on to the next step after having learned so much in the last one, particularly from Ken (the prof I was the TA for). Now its time to become a little more independent and a little stronger on my own - putting to use that which I have learned and been given.

Ken (Prof) and me (TA) in the field

On a final note... I bought new shoes - pictures to come soon.

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