Tuesday, July 01, 2008

By The Way:

Happy Canada Day!
Enjoy it... go for a swim, hike, play some volleyball...but don't tear your meniscus like I did one year ago on this fateful day with a canada beach ball on AuSable's volleyball courts goofing around...it was the start of a long downhill health journey.
This Canada day makes me happy for the Canadians I know (celebrating 141 years of "freedom"), proud to have overcome so much in 366 days (leap year), and sad to remember that which happened one year ago and left me changed forever.
Sure change is good sometimes, but RA is something I still wish I could live without no matter how good things have gotten and how much I have grown from it.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day to you as well! Be safe today, we don't want a repeat of last year right? :) Hope you have a good day!