Friday, June 27, 2008


So this week I had the opportunity to visit the Jordan River Valley twice - once with Meghan and Jason, and once with Field Botany.

45th Parallel with Botany

It was Meg and Jason's first time there and I think they liked it. We also saw a Scarlet Tanager, an Indigo Bunting, and a Ruffed Grouse.

The male Indigo Bunting we saw - female was also present.

The Jordan River Valley was the first the first designated “Wild and Scenic River” in the State of Michigan. It is a gorgous, short, spring-fed (aka - COLD) river full of Cedar "nurse logs" which hold islands of plants along them. The logs provide interesting terrain to walk across but also interesting terrain to study.

Meg and Jason crossing the river

For the second year now I've been along on the Field Botany trip to use the river to study island biogeography on the little mini cedar islands. On these islands include a variety of plants from Indian Paintbrush to Marsh Marigold to Forget-me-nots to sedges.

Carex sp.

It was frustrating at times seeing the plants I learned and not remembering all of them - but fun none the less... some of them came right back to me. I also really appreciated walking around with Ken instead of doing the survey - I gained a lot from botanizing with him as I always do.

"Forgetting" what the plant is (Forget-me-not)

We saw a number of cool things ranging from Yellow Lady's Slippers, to Showy Lady's Slippers, to Black Birch to... who remembers what! We even saw Cedar Waxwings in... CEDAR!

Cedar waxwing in...Cedar

All in all it was a great few days filled with tons of Volleyball, Frisbee, Hiking, Basketball, and Pillow-talking with my roomate who might even actually read this.


jane said...

I did actually read this. So there.

Lowie said...

yeah only because you wanted to make me feel better

Meredith said...

Hey Lowie! I was thinking about you and decided to finally check out your blog! I love all your amazing pictures! Do the pictures do justice as to how much fun you are having this summer? I hope so! Hope to hear from you soon!
p.s. I bought a house!!! As long as nothing goes wrong...the closing date is July 17th!

Lowie said...

Hey! Sometimes I think the photos are better!!! Ha ha... nah I'm having a good time. Congrats on the house! Can't wait to move into my place... especially seeing as I keep paying rent... which reminds me rent is due... CRAP! lol

Keep checking in... i've been doing decently at updating pretty regularly... and i do put up lots of photos and unlike facebook there are some nice descriptions!