Thursday, June 05, 2008

Field Botany TA

Today was my first day "on the job" as a TA - all seems fine here. I'm really looking forward to the opportunities that come with the territory. The morning was exciting in that I got to hunt for some plants - but most of it is review - I like knowing that I know something and haven't forgotten it!

The afternoon presented unique challenges in that I ran out to Papoose and collected.... SEDGES! (and a Grass). I used the brand new sedge key that Ken gave me to work it through... I was so-so impressed. The language is a bit...unnecessarially complex and it is confusing as to EXACTLY what some of the terms mean. The glossary in the back is helpful but there are not many diagrams demonstrating what the terms mean (which would be helpful in my humble opinion).

Anyway my exciting finds were C. communis and C. pennsylvanica and an Oryzopsis (hymenoides I believe if I remember correctly). Fun day - and I'm glad I made it through the keys successfully without wanting to rip out my hair. Very encouraging.

The day ended with the beautiful identification of the evil Tartarian Honeysuckle

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