Saturday, May 31, 2008


While I may not be as good at it as my former roomate, I love photography.

I love taking the photo. I love having a relationship with my shot. Just like getting an autograph from a baseball player, it means more when you are the one who meets the player and gets it yourself (over buying it on ebay).

Mike Lowell and Gabe Kapler's Autograph

Photography is the same way - when you hike 5 miles and then see a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak drop down, or travel to Florida and see a Limpking 5 feet away, or are ambling around a garden and spot an Oriole and manage to grab your camera, focus it, play with the settings, and get a shot... it means more.


Recently I've been getting better, if I may say so myself - I even know how to use the manual settings! And now I almost always do!

This morning and afternoon I devoted most of my time to uploading more photos onto the internet so I can share them. Facebook friends don't seem to enjoy thumbing through hundreds of bird photos in search of a photo of themselves hanging around. Besides... I have a few too many albums there! Hopefully in time I can replace the travel ones permanently to picasa and eliminate their existance on facebook. We'll see though!

My photo albums can be found here. If you're interested! Most of them are in slideshow format on the right hand bar anyway.

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