Sunday, December 21, 2008

350 ABA update

I'm officially at 344 in the US (361 overall)... and a few short species away from the target 350 before January 1.  Most of the additions came on gulls (thanks Jason for your help) and a few more on pure luck in parking lots (thanks to parking my car before finals)...

Many birds have evaded me... a number of ducks - most notably the Harlequin - mostly due to the current storm situation.  Visibility would be better in the dead of night... the best day (photos shown) was good but the water was choppy and within 10 minutes at the site snow began to fall and didn't let up until 10 inches covered the ground.  

It's been fun though as was the CBC - 48 species and well over 2000 birds despite the bay being frozen and snow falling the entire time.  

I'm sad to be leaving this state - particularly since the weather seems like it would be good for some birding tomorrow... oh well.

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