Friday, August 22, 2008

No Such Thing as Yellow Headed Blackbirds

So after a Sun-Thurs trip that looked something like this:

Sun am - leave Boston, fly to Detroit
Sun midday - leave Detroit, fly to Chicago, leave Chicago en route via car to MN
Sun late PM - arrive Twin Cities area
Mon-Wed midday - work
Wed midday - Begin trip to Chicago
Wed pm - arrive Chicago, promptly hit the hay
Thurs AM - train ride to see Jamie, then roam around until time for lunch
Thurs midday - leave Chicago, Fly to Detroit
Thurs PM - Leave Detroit, fly to Boston, have dinner, arrive UNH late.

So as I was saying... I have determined Yellow-Headed Blackbirds don't exist - or at least that I am never going to see one.

OK that makes no sense to anyone but me but thats alright. I'll get to the point - all in all the trip was good, we got a lot done, I didn't see any new birds, but did have a nice spot of Mourning Warbler in the greater St. Paul area. St. Paul itself is a lovely city. Good coffee shops, nice ice cream stores, beautiful buildings, and the traffic at night was easy.

I don't really have much else to say other than I have tons of typing work to do and plenty of migration to catch up on... so thats my update for now.

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