Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ten things I hate

1. When people click AIM links. Please just don't do it. Its like asking for the virus. Case and point: pretty much a lot of college kids.

2. People who say "are you sure thats what you want to do with your life" because they think you should be curing the sick or fixing world hunger or working in a research lab when all you really want is a job you can feel passionate about even if people think its something for someone "less intelligent" than you... which I totally don't get because I know I know things many people have no clue about but I feel others - like grounds keepers - are more intelligent than me because they know things about grass and fields I have no clue about. Case and point: advisors about me wanting to work on a field

3. People who don't take the time to explain something to you because they can do it for you - not realizing one day you may have to do it for yourself and they wont always be there for you: case and point - my taxes and bills.

4. My cellphone - the battery lasts but a half hour when talking, the screen is dying, it wont charge properly because of rust. It is almost 2 and a half years old now and pretty much only rings when it wants too and refuses to get cell reception when necessary. Case and point: just ask to take a look at it.

5. Rap music. Case and point: rap music.

6. Boys who aren't forward. They are confusing, aggravating and cause many problems between your cognition and your feelings and other women... Case and point: too many to list as examples.

7. Rain when you have plans. Ughhh I just want sunny skies and green grass and happy people. Case and point: Saturday.

8. E-Mails asking you to do five hundred things: emailing you to have you email someone for them, emailing you to ask everyone a question and organize it when its clear everyones going to want the same thing and you can't please everyone and it would just be better if you signed people up without asking their preference... emailing about meetings, meetings, projects, and AHHHHHH. Case and point: average of 89 emails per day: over 40 of them scheduling things.

9. Drawing a blank. How many times are you trying to list something or provide an answer and you just can't do it? Totally frustrating... drives me out of my mind - I hate it. Case and point: number 9 of the ten things I hate.

10. Time - there simply isn't enough of it. Case and point: HELLO!

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